Tolu Odumosu

Assistant Professor: Science, Technology, and Society

Tolu Odumosu
Tolu Odumosu‘s research focuses on studying the various processes by which societies select, adopt and implement large technological systems with an emphasis on digital telecommunication technologies, particularly mobile telephony systems and the Internet. He has previously carried out ethnographic work on mobile communications in Nigeria, and has undertaken a comparative study of the development and emergence of the telecommunications industries of the European Union and the United States.

He is also currently a research associate at Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and at Harvard’s Kennedy School where he is engaged in a new research project with Prof. Venky Narayanamurti that attempts to take a critical look at United States Science & Technology institutions from a standard STS “grounds up perspective,” paying attention to what researchers actually do in their “research activities” and the various ways that they manage the current S&T policy orthodoxy of “basic and applied research.”


email: odumosu (at)
phone: 434-982-2623
office: A221 Thornton Hall


Phd, Science & Technology Studies, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2009
M.Eng., Electrical & Computer Engineering, Cornell University, 2003
B.Sc.(Honors), Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Lagos, 2001

Research Areas

Mobile Studies, Science & Technology Policy, User Oriented Design, Constitutive Appropriation, Technological Transfer, Information and Communication Technologies, Public Reason, Politics of Artifacts

Awards and Distinctions

Harvard Bok Center Teaching Excellence Award – 2011
HASS Fellow – 2006 – 2009
Ellis & Karin Chingos Fellow – 2004
Rensselaer Graduate Fellow – 2004

Recent Courses

STS 4600: The Engineer, Ethics, and Professional Responsibility
STS 4500: STS and Engineering Practice

Selected Publications

A list of selected publications is not available at this time.