Entrepreneurial Project Community

Works in Progress is a community of students across the university who are pursuing an entrepreneurial project (a startup, a non-profit, a new device, a new club, etc). They don’t have regular meetings, a regular large gathering space, a listserv, or an executive board of any sort (because those pursuing projects don’t really have time for these things). This extracurricular opportunity serves to support the academic side of the university’s efforts, including the Entrepreneurship & Business program in the Engineering & Society Department.

If you are currently pursuing an entrepreneurial project, here’s what we offer:

  • an online community that enables you to easily get in touch with anyone else in the entrepreneurial project community to ask for help in your pursuits, as well as an accountability function to help you persevere in your endeavor
  • small weekly gatherings for those most dedicated to their projects to discuss progress with one another
    a small physical space dedicated to those who are seriously working on their project
  • Liz Pyle and Alex Zorychta, who you can ask for anything else you need regarding your projects, and between the two of them they can point you to the right person across the university and Charlottesville communities for you to get specific help.
  • opportunities to help you prepare for entrepreneurial competitions or grants

If you’d like to learn more, they’d love to meet with you in person to get to know you (and for you to get to know them) so they can help you with any goals you’re trying to accomplish. Send them a message at worksinprogress [at]