Engineering & Society in a Changing World

Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them.James A. Michener
To help our students do great things in their careers, UVA is committed to developing engineers who can do analysis–problem-solving and design–as well as exercise judgment in terms of ethical, social and business issues. To achieve this goal, SEAS has established the Department of Engineering and Society (E&S) that includes a distinguished faculty with expertise in Science, Technology, and Society, Applied Math, Distributed Learning, and Technology Entrepreneurship.

Along with providing many of the foundational courses in the School’s curriculum, E&S is responsible for the programs which enrich the SEAS experience: the undergraduate thesis, the engineering business minor, the Washington policy internship, Rodman Scholars, international studies, on-line courses, and hands-on activities such as the electric vehicle project.

By bringing these programs together, E&S allows engineering students to integrate what they learn in their technical and humanistic studies in order to become the leaders that society needs in the 21st century. Combining analysis and judgment, E&S ensures that UVA engineers can–and will–do great things.

W. Bernard Carlson

W. Bernard Carlson
Chair, Engineering & Society Department
Professor of Science, Technology, and Society